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    Optimising publicity: towards a theoretical model
    (University of the Free State, 2009) Theys, Ndojisile; Van Deventer, Andre; Mulder, Dalme
    English: Generating a continuous presence in the media and targeting mass audiences with predetermined marketing communication messages in the process does not have to be synonymous with large budget allocations and the advertising dimension of integrated marketing communication (IMC) only. Publicity can establish such a media presence with mass audiences without any cost to the organisation. However, this technique of IMC is often neglected and underutilised. A literature review as a non-empirical and qualitative research design was undertaken to develop a theoretical model that can assist marketing communication practitioners in optimising the use of publicity in the marketing communication mix.
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    A model to revitalise teacher competence
    (University of the Free State, 2009) Williams, Evelyn; Olivier, Tilla; Pienaar, Christo
    English: South African education focuses on providing equal educational opportunities for all learners by way of inclusive education. This article attempts to address teachers’ feelings of incompetence by developing a model to revitalise competence in teachers. The model is based on the teachers’ affirmation that they were unable to efficiently implement the required educational change of including all learners in their inclusive classrooms within mainstream education. A qualitative approach, within a theory-generative design, was applied in this study. The article only describes the second phase of the project, namely that of designing a model (based on the findings of phase one), with the aim of empowering teachers to work more efficiently in inclusive classrooms.
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    Mentoring in higher education to improve research output: an ethnographic case study
    (University of the Free State, 2009) Schulze, Salome
    English: This article reports on the implementation of a model of mentoring in higher education to improve research output. A number of mentoring models were analysed before implementing a new model for research mentoring. The ethnographic case study reports on the mentor’s observation of different influences on the mentoring process after having implemented the model for a few months. The study revealed that the implementation of the model was influenced by the university context in which it took place, the dynamics of the three groups that functioned as communities of practice, and the individual dispositions of the participants.
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    Learning motivation and time concept of learners from low socio-economic environments
    (University of the Free State, 2009) Grobler, Rina
    English: Due to an unsatisfactory learner performance in many schools in South Africa a need was identified to explore some of the factors that might influence learner performance. The objective of this investigation was first to study school learners’ concept of time, coupled with their learning motivation, in secondary schools located in low socio-economic environments in Gauteng and, secondly, to investigate whether there were differences between the perceptions of learners in schools located in both informal and formal housing environments.
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    Teachers’ perceptions of continuing professional development programmes in South Africa: a qualitative study
    (University of the Free State, 2009) Steyn, Trudie
    English: Effective professional development programmes help teachers to acquire the most recent knowledge of subjects and to use appropriate techniques to enhance student learning. The National Policy Framework for Teacher Education and Development attempts to address the need for suitably qualified teachers in South Africa. This qualitative inquiry aims to explain staff’s perceptions of the provision of continuing professional development programmes in the light of the mentioned policy. The following two main categories have emerged from the data analysis: the provision and logistics of effective professional development programmes.
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    Awareness of the potential risks of printed pharmaceutical advertisements
    (University of the Free State, 2009) Knoesen, Brent; Truter, Ilse; Stroud, Louise
    English: This article investigates consumer perceptions in the Nelson Mandela Metropole regarding printed advertisements of pharmaceutical products in order to identify potential risks. A focus group discussed various topics regarding pharmaceutical advertising. Thematic analysis was used as investigative tool. It was established that these advertisements evoke various desires, often contain irrelevant and false information that can lead to misinterpretation, and also often contain unintelligible jargon. Participants believed that photographs and pictures enhance the attractiveness and credibility of products. It was concluded that printed pharmaceutical advertisements present potential risks if misunderstood and/or misinterpreted.
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    The unbearable burden of diversity
    (University of the Free State, 2009) Erasmus, Piet
    English: Events relating to the management of diversity and transformation on the campus of the University of the Free State led to a national and international outcry when the existence of the so-called “nauseating Reitz video” came to light. The ensuing debates to a large extent centred on the meaning and content of concepts such as racism, diversity and transformation. This article offers anthropological perspectives on the abovementioned concepts. Various semantic layers are exposed. It also points out the way in which underlying power issues tend to distort the appropriation of these concepts as well as the way in which they come to serve as guises for racism.
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    Aretaeus of Cappadocia: the forgotten physician
    (University of the Free State, 2009) Retief, Francois; Cilliers, Louise
    English: Aretaeus of Cappadocia (probably first century AD) is one of the least known physicians of antiquity. Not quoted by contemporary medical writers, he was unknown to Arabic physicians of medieval times. His very significant contributions to medicine only became known when a manuscript was discovered and published in Latin in the sixteenth century. He was clearly a sound clinician and gifted medical author, responsible for the first recorded descriptions of steatorrhoea (coeliac disease), diabetes mellitus and diphtheria. In addition, his descriptions of leprosy, asthma, tetanus, acute pneumonia and epilepsy (diseases already recognised in his day) were significantly superior to those of his predecessors. He was the first to describe a heart murmur (bruit).
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    Travel motives of visitors attending Oppikoppi Music Festival
    (University of the Free State, 2009) Kruger, Martinette; Saayman, Melville
    English: Oppikoppi Music Festival is a festival with a difference: its theme is primarily rock music marketed predominantly to students. The researchers sought to determine the travel motives of visitors to this Festival by means of a questionnaire survey (N=261). After data capturing was completed, a factor analysis was conducted. The latter revealed six factors, namely “group togetherness”, “escape”, “cultural exploration”, “event novelty/regression”, “unexpectedness” and “known group socialisation”. The research confirmed “group togetherness” as the main motive but also reveals a new motive, namely “unexpectedness”. The research also confirms that different festivals feed off different motives. The results are useful to the event manager and marketers in developing their marketing strategy.
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    Heidegger, art, technology and luthiery
    (University of the Free State, 2009) Bower, Rudi
    English: Luthiery – the building of stringed instruments – is historically a discipline that has to a large extent evaded philosophical inquiry. This article seeks to explore the artistic and technological attributes of luthiery – with reference to guitar builders, in particular – using the thought of Martin Heidegger. His return to ancient Greek philosophy in determining the modes of technology and its initial close association with art will be interrogated and ultimately used to show that in luthiery, as practised by solitary luthiers as opposed to mass-produced factory instruments, both art and technology constitute a mode of revealing in the ancient Greek sense. This mode of revealing will be scrutinised as intrinsically inherent in luthiery by way of the roles of the materials used, the artist, the creation as well as the difference between works of art and equipment. Interviews conducted with leading South African guitar builders will provide substantiating material in this regard.
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    Discipline in Lesotho schools: educator strategies
    (University of the Free State, 2009) Ferreira, Annelie; Jacobs, Lynette; Coetzee-Manning, Daniella; De Wet, Corene
    English: This article reports from an exploratory, quantitative and critical frame of reference on a study on educator strategies to maintain discipline in Lesotho schools. The data, based on a questionnaire completed by Lesotho educators, were analysed by means of frequencies and the student’s t-test. The most popular strategy employed by the respondents as a means of maintaining discipline is to come properly prepared to school, followed by positive discipline. Strategies least used by the respondents are detention and community service. The data reveal that the majority of the respondents use a combination of traditional and progressive strategies. The data also show that the perceived effectiveness of a strategy does not always correspond with its popularity.