South Africa's role in the promotion of democracy and good governance in Africa to drive economic development

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Singo, Muthundinne Curtis
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University of the Free State
Good governance has been receiving global attention as studies suggest that its effectiveness equates to developing any member states, prompting countries and governments to align themselves with tenets of good governance to realise economic development. However, though the concept of good governance is widely underscored as a mechanism through which countries can achieve development objectives, the situation in Africa is different. African countries are battling development, which impacts people's socio-economic status. Good governance is failing because of the governance system that breeds political instabilities and democratic deficits; this is even though, as a mechanism, good governance will ensure that the continent scurries towards achieving its regional developmental plans. Thus, a voice of reason must emerge to inspire confidence and lead the developmental trajectories of the continent; hence, since democratisation and reintegration into the global society, South Africa has been involved in developing the continent through the African Agenda.
Dissertation (MGT (Governance and Political Transformation))--University of the Free State, 2023