The South African Women Entrepreneurship Network (SAWEN) programme in the Free State: a capability approach

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Molefe, P. G.
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University of the Free State
This study evaluates the capacity of SAWEN in empowering women entrepreneurs in the Free State. The study adopted the human development informed capability approach to determine the capabilities, functionings and aspirations of women entrepreneurs within this programme. The focus was on identifying the effectiveness of SAWEN in empowering women entrepreneurs in the Free State. For this purpose, the study identified opportunities and challenges within this programme and its impact on developing women entrepreneurs towards empowerment. The study followed a qualitative approach as a method of research, and data were collected from seven former SAWEN members in Bloemfontein, Welkom and Trompsburg in the Free State. Semi-structured interviews were conducted to collect data, and data were analysed using thematic analysis. Lastly, findings and recommendations to influence areas of future research are suggested.
Dissertation (MDS (Development Studies))--University of the Free State, 2019
Agency, Aspirations, Capabilities, Capability approach, Conversion factors, Education, Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Freedom, Free State, Funding, Opportunities, Training, Women, Women empowerment