Constitutional framework for traditional leaders in South Africa

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September, Teboho Jeffry
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University of the Free State
This conceptual Mini dissertation explores the Constitutional framework for traditional leaders in South Africa, focusing on the delicate balance between cultural heritages and integrating traditional leadership into the modern governance.Traditiional leadership plays a significant role in social, cultural and economic fabric of South African Communities, often serving vital link between the government and local Communities.However,the Constitutional recognition and regulation of traditional leaders have been subject of an ongoing debate. Drawing on comprehensive review of existing literature, legal framework and relevant case studies, this mini dissertation examines the historical context of traditional leadership in South Africa and analyse the complexities surrounding their positions within the Constitutional explores the tension between customary law, democratic principles and human rights, shedding light on the Constitutional challenges faced in reconciling traditional governance structures with the demand of the modern Constitutional democracy. This main dissertation delve into the key issues such as recognition of traditional leaders authority, their leadership with elected government structure, and extend to which Customary laws should be accommodated within the broader legal also explored the need for accountability,transparency,and inclusivity within traditional leadership institutions, ensuring that they align with democratic values while upholding the cultural heritage and practices cherished by local government communities. The findings of this mini dissertation contributes on the ongoing discourse of the Constitutional recognition and regulations of traditional leadership in South Africa. By critically analysing the intricate dynamics between traditional, modern governance and Constitutional principles. The study will inform policy makers, legal practitioners, scholars and communities on the challenges and potential solutions for establishing a Constitutional framework that respects Cultural heritage while promoting the principles of democracy, human rights and inclusivity.
Dissertation (MGT (Governance and Political Transformation))--University of the Free State, 2023
Cultural heritage, constitutional democracy, modern governance, traditional leaders, traditional governance, historical background