An assessment of agricultural green schemes in Kavango East Region in Namibia

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Shimafo, France Rudolf Haushiku
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University of the Free State
The study focuses on Green Agricultural Schemes (GASs) in Northern Namibia with an aim of assessing the benefits, challenges, and opportunities of GASs farmers in Kavango East Region. Green schemes refers to a government programme aimed at increasing food production in rural areas through irrigation programmes, provision of inputs and provision of necessary services or infrastructure. The study investigated four GASs in Kavango East region, these are Uvhungu-vhungu, Shitemo, Shandikongoro, and Ndonga Linena. The study used qualitative research approach to collect data using interviews and to analyse and present data. The results of the study show that the GAS small-scale farmers in Kavango East region have plenty of physical, economic, and infrastructural opportunities that promotes farming and benefit the farmers’ to a large extent. The results also show that the government has a positive GAS policy that ensure that the small scale farmers are supported technically, financially, and materially. The results of the study indicated that GASs have improved local people’s social and economic livelihoods. Apart from benefitting the farmers and the local community, GAS products have found their way into regional, national, and international markets. The study revealed that GAS farmers face a host of natural, human, economic, financial, and leadership challenges that threaten the existence of the GASs programme in Namibia. The study recommended that GAS small-scale farmers must be given long term payment period so that the farmers get opportunities to become fully equipped with modern farming resources to increase their performance and productivity. The government must introduce GAS annual reports so that the GAS are subjected to regular government audits to end financial mismanagement. Small-scale farmers in GASs should not only be trained farming knowledge and skills but should also be trained marketing skills or business accounting so that they are enabled to effectively sell their products and calculate their income and expenditures.
Dissertation (MDS (Development Studies))--University of the Free State, 2021
Green Agricultural Schemes (GASs)