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    Alienation, reception and participative spatial planning on marginalised campuses during transformational processes
    (Cogent OA, 2016) Smit, Emmie; Nel, Verna
    Scientific publications acknowledge that geographical setting contributes greatly to the unique identity—and eventual sustainability and distinction—of a higher educational institution. This includes the marginalised campus—the satellite, secondary, branch, remote, rural or regional. Alienation of the marginalised campus from the main/mainstream campus forms an international discourse. This conceptual article aims to make an interdisciplinary contribution to the theoretical basis for spatial planning of a marginalised campus by considering a combination of the participative spatial planning (PSP) approach and theories of alienation and reception from the disciplines of the performing arts, philosophy, sociology, economy, literary history, cultural studies and landscaping. Based on well-established theories of alienation and reception, as well as on the positive outcomes of the PSP approach, this conceptual article provides a novel motivation for considering the influence of participation and non-participation and the long-term consequences of alienation and reception to planning projects.
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    Land-use management system as a tool towards achieving low-carbon cities in South Africa
    (Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of the Free State, 2011) Nel, Verna
    English: The scientific community has to a large extent accepted that climate change is no longer a vague threat but a growing reality attributed to the build-up of greenhouse gas emissions. As urban areas are responsible for a substantial component, these emissions, reducing carbon emissions from cities, can make a significant difference in reducing global emissions. This article examines the nature and extent of greenhouse gas emissions in South Africa, and explores the contribution that spatial planning, land development and regulatory aspects of the land-use management system can make towards achieving lower carbon cities.
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    Future, change and choices
    (Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of the Free State, 2010) Nel, Verna
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