Education for participatory democracy: a Grade R perspective

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Linington, Vivien
Excell, Lorayne
Murris, Karin
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Faculty of Education, University of the Free State
This paper proposes a form of Grade R pedagogy in South African schools that addresses both the diverse realities of South Africa’s children and the principles underpinning a participatory democracy. The community of enquiry pedagogy we propose is based on a socio-cultural historical theoretical perspective and focuses on the nurturing of a reasonable person (both learner and teacher) in the context of a play-based Grade R (reception year). This relational pedagogy assumes the inclusion of child’s voice and the participation of child1 as thinker, and therefore challenges teachers to take up different roles as co-enquirers, democrats, guides and listeners.
Early childhood development, Grade R, Developmentally appropriate practice, Socio-cultural historical approach, Philosophy for children, Community of enquiry, Reasonable person, Thinking skills, Participatory democracy, Inclusion, Childhood, Voice
Linington, V., Excell, L., & Murris, K. (2011). Education for participatory democracy: A Grade R perspective. Perspectives in Education, 29(1), 36-46.