Economic inclusion: green finance and the SDGs

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van Niekerk, Arno J.
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Persistent economic exclusion and the high levels of natural resource depletion are alarming. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are among a few global initiatives aimed at bringing a turnaround in both of these areas of concern. Giving action to productive economic inclusion and transitioning towards a circular, regenerative economy is challenging for countries, particularly because of a lack of economic incentives. Green finance has emerged in the last few decades as a valuable mechanism that has the potential to meet this challenge. In answering the question of how to facilitate the necessary transition to a green, inclusive economy, the paper attempts to bring green finance and economic inclusion together as a possible means (like a bridge) to address economic exclusion and resource degeneration. That is the primary aim of the study, and it is investigated through an analysis of theoretical literature. The key findings include: a strong synergy exists between green finance and economic inclusion; different forms of green finance are able to facilitate economic inclusion; and green finance can be instrumental in attracting investors to fast-track SDG attainment. A key conclusion is that green finance can play a vital role in activating and prolonging broad-based benefit sharing in an eco-conscious way.
economic inclusion, green finance, SDGs, circular economy, green investment
van Niekerk, A. J. (2024). Economic inclusion: green finance and the SDGs. Sustainability, 16(3), 1128.