Exploring the training-needs of teachers for the implementation of Life Skills Education (LSE) in Lesotho: a case study of selected rural and urban secondary schools

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Ntelo, Mamolefe
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University of the Free State
Teachers are the most important players in the effective teaching and learning of Life Skills Education (LSE). It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that they are well prepared to facilitate the new teaching of LSE. A teacher's success largely depends on various factors, such as personal context, personal efforts, general personality, and the training acquired. These factors could be greatly improved if a teacher is provided with specialised training in the effective teaching of the LSE programme. This prompted the researcher to conduct a study on LSE teaching in Maseru and Mohales’ Hoek district, using four secondary schools in both urban and rural settings. This study explored the experiences of LSE teachers and how a selected training programme could influence the effective teaching of LSE in the study area. The study adopted interpretivism as the research paradigm and phenomenology as the research design. The technique used to select the research sample is purposive sampling. There were eight Basotho LSE teachers and school principals who were randomly chosen from four schools. Structured telephonic interviews were used to collect data. The data were presented thematically. The data were analysed from the participants’ perspective and contrasted with the findings from the extant literature. The study has revealed that teachers were not adequately trained to teach LSE and were in dire need of in-service courses. Therefore, it was recommended that the Ministry of Education facilitate and broaden in-service training for LSE teachers and provide clear guidelines on how to teach the contents of LSE. This study has yielded findings that can be used to enhance the teaching and learning of LSE in secondary schools. Curriculum developers would find the research used, reflecting on the extent to which the objectives set for the subject were achieved.
Dissertation (M.Ed. (Educational Psychology))--University of the Free State, 2021, Principal, Teacher, Implementation, Life Skills Education, Teacher training needs, School principals -- Training of -- Lesotho, Training needs -- Lesotho, School personnel management -- Lesotho