Testing the Hackman & Oldham theory of enhancing the quality of work-life of employees

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Moloi, Thapelo Jacob
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University of the Free State
The aim of the study was to test the Job Characteristics Model (JCM) developed by Hackman and Oldham in an empirical situation, i.e. to grades 11 and 12 educators, in 15 selected secondary schools, to investigate the level of the five core job dimensions, i.e. skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy and feedback, also to establish the level of the three critical psychological states ( experienced meaningfulness of the work, experienced responsibility for the outcomes of the work and knowledge of the actual results of the work activities), as well as the personal and work outcomes ( only motivation and work performance), all these in relation to race and gender. A self-designed questionnaire based on the Delphi method was administered to the 15 schools in Qwaqwa where each principal was requested to distribute them to 10 educators teaching grades 11 and 12 learners. A response rate of only 68 (45.33%) was used for the analyses of the data. The results showed that even though the five core job dimensions were present, autonomy and feedback were not fairly well presented especially among Blacks. Regarding the critical psychological states, experienced meaningfulness of the work was well presented because of the contribution of the three core job dimensions (skill variety, task identity and task significance), while the two others (experienced responsibility and knowledge of actual results) were not fairly well presented especially among the black educators because of the lack of a contribution by the responsible core job dimensions (autonomy and feedback). These also detrimentally influenced motivation and the level of work performance (personal and work outcomes) among Blacks.
Dissertation (M.Com. (Industrial Psychology))--University of the Free State, 2005
Teachers -- Motivation (Psychology), Quality of work life -- South Africa -- Qwaqwa, Job satisfaction, High school teachers -- Qwaqwa -- Psychology, Job analysis