The contextualization of the gospel of Jesus Christ in Christian churches in Maseru, Lesotho

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Tabi, Lefa Issac
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University of the Free State
English: The main issue in this dissertation is to establish what the different ways of contextualization among Christian churches in Maseru, Lesotho are. To reach this objective, church leaders from various churches were interviewed, with the aim of establishing their different approaches to contextualization. Their approaches to the main concepts of Church service were evaluated namely kerugma and leiturgia, diakonia, koinonia and marturia. Persons from the following churches were interviewed: The African Methodist Episcopal Church in Maseru, Lesotho Evangelical Church, the Methodist Church of Southern Africa in Maseru, St. John Apostolic Faith Mission Church and the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa. Views on contextualization of three main theologians were then also evaluated namely, Turaki, Sanneh and Bediako. After this evaluation the churches' position were reassessed. In the final instance the way forward for the churches in Maseru is discussed.
Afrikaans: Met hierdie verhandeling word gepoog om te bepaal op watter wyse kontekstualisering van die evangelie van Christus in kerk in Maseru, Lesotho plaasvind. Onderhoude is gevoer met kerkleiers van verskillende kerke om hulle standpunte ten opsigte van kontekstualisering te bepaal. Hulle standpunte ten opsigte van die hoof sake van kerklike lewe is bepaal naamlik t.o.v. kerugma en leiturgia, diakonia, koinonia en marturia Die kerkleiers met wie onderhoude gevoer is, is van die volgende Kerke: Die "African Methodist Episcopal" kerk Maseru, die "Lesotho Evangelical" kerk, die Metodiste kerk van Suidelike Afrika in Maseru, die "St. John Apostolic Faith Mission" kerk en die Verenigende Gereformeerde kerk in Suidelike Afrika. Die beskouings van drie belangrike teoloë is ook bespreek, naamlik Turaki, Sanneh en Bediako. Die kerke se standpunte is daarna opnuut geëvalueer. Ten slotte is die toekoms van die kerk in Maseru bespreek.
Christian churches in Maseru, Lesotho, Contextualization, lnculturation, Church services, Church and culture, Church and Africa traditional religion, Maseru (Lesotho) -- Religion, Christianity and culture -- Lesotho -- Maseru, Missions -- Lesotho -- Maseru, Dissertation M.A. ((Missiology))--University of the Free State, 2004