Exploring how career guidance influence job fulfilment in later years

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Muller, Natasia
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University of the Free State
Through this study, I explored the influence of different levels of career guidance during secondary schooling and job fulfilment in later years. The literature review led to the developing of a theoretical framework highlighting important intrinsic factors and exploring career guidance that might influence the job fulfilment of young adults who participated in my study. I employed a qualitative approach and generated data through three phases of semi-structured interviews with each participant. The first interview focused on past experiences with career guidance, the second examined present job fulfilment, and the third explored participants' experiences on future job fulfilment influenced by career guidance. Participants were selected according to a purposive sampling approach. The participants and I also had the opportunity to use reflective journal notes that supported each interview. The interviews were transcribed, coded, and analysed using the NVivo software. Integrating this process with the theoretical framework developed during the literature review revealed themes such as belonging, feeling valued, a sense of meaning, and skilled operation. These findings contributed valuable insights to developing career guidance programmes in secondary schooling, particularly in the South African context.
Dissertation (M.Ed.(Psychology of Education))--University of the Free State, 2023
Career guidance, job fulfilment, informal career guidance, formal career guidance, intrinsic factors