African traditional bereavement rituals amongst Methodist Church members in Mamelodi, Pretoria

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Mokhutso, Jacob
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University of the Free State
This study examined the significance, understanding, and meaning of African traditional bereavement rituals amongst Methodist Church members, particularly the Methodist Church based in Mamelodi, Pretoria, Gauteng province. This study specifically focuses on the meaning of some of the African bereavement rituals, particularly the dual practice of both the Christian and more African-related (ancestral veneration-related) rituals during bereavement. These factors are explored within the Methodist Church doctrine and theology, as well as African spirituality and philosophy. Qualitative research methodology was used, which included one-on-one and group interviews, as well as observations and case studies. This study has found that not all Methodist Church members practise African bereavement rituals. However, those who do practise different African bereavement rituals do so due to a number of reasons. Amongst other reasons, some practise these rituals as influenced by their upbringing, while others practise them due to the pressure of family elders and extended family members. Others practise these rituals due to the fact that it is the norm and common practice in their family and community.
African, Traditional, Bereavement, Rituals, Methodist, Mainline, Confirmation, Christianity, Dissertation (M.Th. (Religion Studies))--University of the Free State, 2019