Basotho culture and domestic violence: case studies of men as perpetrators and women as victims

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Mashiloane, Ntja Patrick
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University of the Free State
The aim of this study was to summerize and provide an overview of domestic violence and the law, in South Africa and the role of Basotho Culture in domestic violence especially in instances where men are perpetrators and women are victims. To achieve this, a literature study on domestic violence was done and a questionnaire generated . Case studies were made of ten respondents, who reported cases or were arrested in 2005 as an empirical study. The respondents are five perpetrators and five victims in Mak:wane Police Station Policing precinct. The study illustrates the multi-dimensionality of human behavior. While there are relationships between traditional culture and violence towards women, its emphasis on male dominance is counterbalanced by obligations to protect. The study results/findings rather illustrates the gap between South Africa as an ideal state, and where the reality of some of its citizens are. The importance of previous learning as a common denominator between victims and perpetrators and the impact of crumbling social networks were highlighted. A major recommendation relates to creating an opportunity to guide and support the more violent citizens in making the transition to a behavior system that is more in line with the general orientation portrayed in the systems of law relating to domestic violence and protection of women and children. Recommendations were made for the prevention of domestic violence by the South African Police Service, Non Governmental Organizations and Government departments and for further study.
Dissertation (M.A. (Sociology))--University of the Free State (Qwaqwa Campus), 2005, Women -- Crimes against -- Lesotho, Abusive men -- Families, Family violence -- Lesotho, Abused women -- Legal status, laws, etc. -- Lesotho