The principal's role in the development programmes for the teaching staff in the far North of the Limpopo Province

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Milondzo, Khazamula Samson
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University of the Free State
Education in South Africa has become a 'talked-about' issue, talked about on daily basis in fact. The Media, in both the printed and electronic forms, give much attention and concentrate on various features of education. Immediately, one is able to mention examples of this : transformation, management, equality, curriculum development, Outcomes Based Education, etcetera. Prominently included in these topics is the matter of school management. This thesis looks critically at the principal's role in the development programmes for the teaching staff. This study uses the context-focus of the Far North as its springboard in engaging this sometimes daunting subject. Surely, with all the change in the current South African Education System, there is a need to review the role of principals in schools. This study includes responses from a number of questionnaires given to principals and teachers. The responses are analysed and interpreted in light of the indicated research subject. Conclusions and recommendations are then suggested.
Thesis (Ph.D. (Educational Management and Leadership))--University of the Free State, 2003, School principals -- South Africa -- Limpopo, Educational leadership -- South Africa -- Limpopo, Teachers -- Training of -- South Africa