Enhancing skills acquisition in electrical infrastructure construction studies

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Lehlakola, K. D.
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University of the Free State
This study was a qualitative study with the aim to contribute towards the enhancement of skills acquisition in electrical infrastructure construction (EIC) among youth with the purpose of providing them competences that have the potential of heightening chances of their employability. The study achieved the identified aim by responding to the research question: How can youths’ acquisition of skills in EIC be strengthened to empower them to be self-employed and employable? The problem in this study was that a significant percentage of the South African workforce, which includes technical and vocational education and training (TVET) students who are accessing higher education, lack specific technical skills and this results in poor employability prospects. The delivery of quality TVET courses and content is dependent on the competences of the lecturers for enhancing skills acquisition in EIC studies. The framework guiding this study was critical emancipatory research for it is transformative and emancipatory. Youth participatory action research was used as method of data collection with critical discourse analysis to analyse the data according to discursive, textual and social settings. The findings of the study may empower TVET colleges to prepare students with skills for the EIC industry and contribute to socio-economic development of the economy of South Africa. The workforce needed comprises engineers, technicians and the tradesmen from South African universities and TVET colleges.
Dissertation (M.Ed.(Curriculum Studies))--University of the Free State, 2023
Electrical infrastructure construction, enhancing, skills acquisition