Synergising the creation of knowledge processes in a Technical and Vocational Education and Training College with industry demands for sustainable lecturer learning environments

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David, Wayne Anthony
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University of the Free State
This study explores mechanisms or means by which knowledge-creation processes could be synergised for sustainable lecturer learning environments. The study assumes that lecturers are better positioned to contribute to the sustenance of the business/industry and colleges. The colleges because they are sites whereby employees and employers are prepared. The college plays a vital role only if lecturers are adequately knowledgeable and do so diligently. And competently that graduates are entirely and better prepared for workplace demands. The purpose is to contribute to the debate or discussion on optimising the utilisation of limited resources for human capital training. In particular, the inequities still lingering from the apartheid past. For instance, in this case, a TVET College has one campus in a relatively big area (Metropolitan area) and two other campuses. In what is known as formerly homelands. As a result, it is sufficient to say that there are disparities in resources. The point is how a college pulls together the resources in providing. The output is more significant than the sum – so some colleges can address challenges, particularly Lecturer development, which is often criticised for being limited. This study used the bricolage methodology to attain a critical perspective on all the issues, primarily when qualitative data is generated. This study is the sub-project of the mega study. Therefore, there are bound to be power differentials in a study like this. Bricolage assisted in exploring social injustice-related issues and power differentials Ideologically and Methodologically. Thus, bricolage guides this study. The methods relied upon were focus group discussions with lecturers and a business owner and senior manager. Furthermore, this considered the survey results because this college formed part of the study of the mega project. Through the mega project, there were seminars and seminar reflections.
Thesis (Ph.D.(Education))--University of the Free State, 2023
Bricolage, knowledge processes, sustainable learning environments, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges