Performance indicators in (ATP) tournaments

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Carlisle, Jason
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University of the Free State
Introduction: Key performance indicators (KPI’s) are vitally important in the context of sport. Being able to analyse and adapt accordingly to the KPI’s, would be of great benefit to the athletes as well as the coaches. Aim: To differentiate between the KPI’s of winning and losing players of matches played and the surface types and their influence on the outcome of matches. (Player height and age, number of aces hit, 1st and 2nd serve accuracy, points won off the 1st and 2nd serves, number of breakpoints faced, and number of breakpoints saved.) Methods: The current study was conducted in a retrospective manner as a quantitative design. The data was collected from a public domain, GitHub, and consisted of the 2018 ATP Tour. The data collected varied across three surfaces played on, namely Clay, Grass, and Hard Courts. The outcome of the current study was to determine the effects of the KPI’s on the final result of the tennis matches. Results: The current study found significant differences between the winning and losing players with regards to Aces, Service Points, 1st Serves Won, 2nd Serves Won, Breakpoints Faced, as well as Breakpoints Saved, however, no significant difference was found between the 1st Serves In (p=1.368). The current study also find a significant difference with regards to Aces struck (p=0.0006) between Hard and Clay Courts. No other significant differences (p<0.05) were reported across the KPI’s. Conclusion: It is important for coaches and players to note that age and height do not discriminate between winner and losers in men’s tennis as well as 1st Serves. However, all the other KPI’s show significant differences between winner and losers. This information may assist players and coaches in preparing themselves or their athletes to achieve success.
Dissertation (M.A. (Human Movement Sciences))--University of the Free State, 2021, ATP tennis, Key performance indicators, Winning and losing