Conditions of some high schools in QwaQwa and their perceived influence on the Grade 12 results

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Msimang, Thandaza Lindiwe Sindisiwe
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University of the Free State
This research investigates conditions of some high schools in Qwa Qwa Thabo Mofutsanyana District and their perceived influence on the grade 12 results. It is assumed that these conditions will affect the teachers and learners perceptions negatively. This leads to the schools not functioning well because of the problems that crop up. Teachers seem not to be able to carry their work effectively because of the shortage of books and learning aids for the learners. Students end up not performing well and the blame, which ends up being shouldered by the teachers seem to cause demotivation and poor self-esteem on teachers. To confirm this finding I used qualitative study to conduct my research. Case study was used because I had to focus on four schools and a few individuals in those schools and particular happenings, their perceptions and accounts. This study was used also because I had an integral involvement in the study. Interviews and observation were used while collecting the data. I also visited the four schools to look into the physical conditions in these schools. I observed that school number one and two who have good results both had good physical conditions. These schools both had doors and windows in their classrooms; these are protected by steel doors and steel windows. In school number three and four the schools physical facilities were not good. These schools didn't have doors and windows and their results are always bad should be built which should be furnished well with all required furniture, electricity and running water should be in place. Chemicals and aids for teachers should also be available for school number three running water should be installed in the laboratory, all required chemicals and aids for teachers should be available. For schools two three and four books should be supplied in time so that students may be able to do all required classwork in time and to study at their own pace and time. I also suggest that there should be an intervention for both teachers and students. Teachers in school number three and four need to be given a new status. Providing the teachers with the best teaching and learning environment which meets the needs of the students but also in which the teacher receives emotional and administrative support. Counselling should also be given to these teachers, which would bring back the confidence these teachers once had.
Dissertation (M.Ed (Psychology))--University of the Free State, 2003, Conditions, Perceived, Influence, Motivation, Self esteem, Motivation in education, Learning, Psychology of