Reasons why at-risk high school learners forfeit becoming committed to appropriate career choices: a case study

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Seamelando, Bodigilwe Michael
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University of the Free State
Career decision-making is a delicate process that needs to be followed enthusiastically. Emphatically it is the comer stone of building an individual future. Lack of commitment and a prodigious incorrect information, leads to living a life of utter luck and not taking prospects in creating opportunities. This investigation looked into what could be the root cause of such a lack of commitment. It is evident that learners are not making informed career decisions or career choices. This results in bad career decisions that stall in time. The situation is aggravated by the fact that they are not fully informed or orientated towards career decision-making processes. It is found that there are no proper measures in place to help these 'at-risk' learners. The career guidance offered by the S.A Education Department is not realistic and lack objectivity. On the other hand career guidance teachers/counselors are not qualified to match the task at hand. Therefore, in most instances these learners rely on mythical information that lacks sources of reference. Therefore, it is of importance that the programme is refurbished and career guidance teachers/counselors be properly trained.
Dissertation (M.Admin.(Industrial and Organizational Psychology))--University of the Free State (Qwaqwa Campus), 2004
High school students -- Vocational guidance -- Qwaqwa, Education, Secondary -- Vocational guidance -- Qwaqwa