An exploration of the role of college management teams in enhancing college lecturers’ workplace experiences

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Mokoena, Thembisile Lina
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University of the Free State
This study aimed to explore the role of college management teams in enhancing college lecturers’ workplace experiences. Since lecturers at colleges in South Africa are expected to perform according to challenging global demands, including transitions to adapt to the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), it became a necessity to unpack the reasons for college lecturers’ mediocre delivery of academic services. According to the Policy on Professional Qualification for Lecturers in Technical and Vocational Education and Training in South Africa (2013), the lecturers need to know both theory and practical work-related aspects of the curriculum. However, lecturers’ workplace experiences are still a matter of concern, particularly in the TVET sector. A gap that exists in research pertaining to the role of the College Management Teams in enhancing the workplace experience of college lecturers. This study was underpinned by the principles of the human capital theory which was appropriate to dissect the experiences of staff within institutions such that institutional practices are efficiently investigated. I conducted a comparative study of TVET colleges in South Africa, Nigeria, and the United States of America to describe the various practices of College Management Teams and college lecturers. To generate data, a qualitative research method was adopted. The selected sample of participants consisted of the Deputy Principal Academic, Curriculum Manager, Human Resources Manager, and six Campus Managers. Qualitative data was collected from College Management Teams through semi-structured interviews. The findings revealed that there were glaring challenges for the College Management Teams. Emanating from the findings and conclusions of this study, recommendations were suggested to address these challenges by implementing concerted intervention strategies to enhance lecturers' workplace experience which included establishing a partnership with industry, motivating lecturers to attend workshops to gain workplace experience, availing funds to pay substitute lecturers, curriculum matters, and management of resources to meet industry’s real-life standards. It is envisioned that the results of this study will convince TVET college lecturers, managers, and policymakers to become committed to ongoing professional development programmes that capacitate lecturers to enhance their daily work experiences.
Dissertation (M.Ed. (Education Management)))--University of the Free State, 2023
college lecturers, college management teams, Technical and Vocational Education and Training, technological innovation, workplace experience