Physical science teachers’ perspectives on information and communication technology professional development in Lesotho secondary schools

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Dlamini, Maserialong
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University of the Free State
Recent studies show that integrating ICTs in the teaching and learning of Physical Science may contribute towards the improvement of learners’ academic achievement. However, education systems in developing countries need help to afford educational opportunities for the 4th Industrial Revolution. Professional development programmes are essential in equipping teachers with ICT knowledge and skills for improving teaching and learning. Education reforms in Lesotho have the expectation that ICT be used to expand access to education as well as improve the quality of education. As a result, this research aims to investigate Physical Science teachers’ perspectives of ICT professional development. This case study also aims to fill a gap in the research on ICT integration by giving insights into the effectiveness of the professional development of Physical Science teachers in Lesotho. Data were collected using interviews with four (4) purposely selected Physical Science teachers who had at least five (5) years of teaching experience and have been involved in at least one (1) professional development activity. The qualitative research approach located within the contours of the interpretive paradigm was employed to facilitate a more focused exploration of the research questions. The study’s theoretical frameworks are Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge and the Concern-Based Adoption Model. Data were coded and thematically analysed. The findings show that more professional development towards ICT integration is needed to ensure the provision of ICT practices in teaching activities. Teachers regard inadequate professional development toward ICT integration as the cause of unpreparedness to integrate ICT in instruction. The findings also revealed that teachers use ICTs to gather and disseminate information and rather insignificantly for effective teaching practice. The study recommends providing hands-on activities-training for in-service teachers. The study considers a well-developed professional development for in-service teachers’ to be included in Lesotho Physical Science syllabus guidelines.
Dissertation (M.Ed.(Curriculum studies))--University of the Free State, 2023
Professional development, pedagogy, TPACK, CBAM, technology, ICT integration, Information and Communication Technology