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    Nestling national ‘transformation’ imperatives in local ‘servicing’ space: critical reflections on an inter-governmental planning and implementation project
    (Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of the Free State, 2011) Oranje, Mark; Van Huyssteen, Elsona
    English: In this article, it is argued that South Africa’s post-1994 dream is marked by a tension between servicing and transformation – mutually supporting, but potentially also divergent set of intentions, processes and outcomes. Towards the end of 2006 the national Presidency in South Africa embarked on an ambitious project of using the spatial logic and principles of the National Spatial Development Perspective (NSDP) to structure a process of high-level intergovernmental and civil society dialogue, strategising, plan-preparation, resource-allocation and implementation in all District Municipalities in the country over a three-year period. This project, in which both authors were intensively involved, is used to illustrate this tension and need for convergence and balance between servicing and transformation. The project context and key planning and governance challenges are described, the project outcomes highlighted, possible explanations for the findings probed, and the lessons learnt, documented.
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    Land-use management system as a tool towards achieving low-carbon cities in South Africa
    (Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of the Free State, 2011) Nel, Verna
    English: The scientific community has to a large extent accepted that climate change is no longer a vague threat but a growing reality attributed to the build-up of greenhouse gas emissions. As urban areas are responsible for a substantial component, these emissions, reducing carbon emissions from cities, can make a significant difference in reducing global emissions. This article examines the nature and extent of greenhouse gas emissions in South Africa, and explores the contribution that spatial planning, land development and regulatory aspects of the land-use management system can make towards achieving lower carbon cities.
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    Shared Services for enhancing municipal planning efficiency in KwaZulu-Natal
    (Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of the Free State, 2011) Subban, Mogie; Theron, Henk
    English: The past five years have seen a growing trend towards the notion of a Shared Services approach to enhancing municipal efficiency in the local government sector in South Africa. In KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), this approach is receiving more focused attention. In this regard, the Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA) is playing a pivotal role in supporting municipalities in KZN with regards to capacity-building and financial resources. The thrust of municipal service delivery is premised on its Integrated Development Plan (IDP), and the concept of Shared Services is being used as a conduit for municipalities to work towards ensuring that their organizational and developmental objectives are achieved in the short-, medium- and long-term. The article therefore examines the efficacy of municipal planning within the context of Shared Services.