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    Threats to biodiversity and the relevance and usefulness of biodiversity for sustainable development in biology within South Africa
    (University of the Free State, 2022) Ngcobo, Owami
    Biodiversity is not sustainable because there are seven different threats impacting on it throughout the world. This was a scientific essay about the worldwide study on the relevance and usefulness of biodiversity and sustainable development globally, and how two chosen threats impacted on it. In addition, the study included a short reflection on biology, and how that science related to biodiversity particularly in South Africa. The body paragraphs had to give a definition of each threat, as well as examples of how and where these threats occur. In addition, this essay had to demonstrate how these threats could be alleviated and give relevant source referencing to substantiate the arguments. From this study it became evident that although global citizens do not yet realise the gravity of biodiversity loss, it already does have a severe impact on sustainable development in certain countries.
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    The effects of deforestation and climate change on the biodiversity within South Africa’s agricultural sector
    (University of the Free State, 2022) Reddy, Aliya
    It is evident that there is a decline in the agricultural industry and its biodiversity due to the effects of climate change and deforestation. It is important to understand the impact of these threats and the severity of the need to alleviate them. A variety of solutions can be put in place throughout ones daily life to aid in reducing the impacts of these threats on the agricultural sector in South Africa. This assignment explores such solutions and then importance of them on increasing the viability of the Agricultural for future generations to come.
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    The importance of being aware of threats impacting biodiversity and more specifically the biodiversity in South Africa’s agricultural sector
    (University of the Free State, 2022) Hayward, Erin
    Biodiversity is essential for the function of ecosystems and many processes that keep the wheel of life turning. However, there are certain threats that biodiversity is faced with. It is essential that these threats, their effects, and impact on the bigger context is understood. Only then certain measures can be taken to turn this around. This assignment explores climate change and, consequently, habitat loss as the two predominant threats influencing biodiversity. In addition, some possible solutions to these threats are considered, and how this will help to promote the role of biodiversity in the agricultural sector of South Africa.