The induction of inexperienced teachers: problems and needs

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Steyn, Trudie
Schulze, Salomé
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University of the Free State
English:This paper reports on an investigation into the problems experienced by neophyte educators. Hypotheses were formulated, focusing on the relation between gender, age, years of teaching experience and geographical location, on the one hand, and problems experienced, on the other. Perceptions of the various existing support systems and ways in which mentors could be selected were also investigated. The most pressing problems experienced were a lack of resources and an inability to maintain discipline or implement outcomes-based education (OBE). These problems were influenced by gender, age, years of experience and the specific education system in which the neophyte teacher was employed.
Afrikaans: Die doel van hierdie artikel is om verslag te doen oor ’n ondersoek na die probleme wat beginneronderwysers ervaar. Hipoteses is geformuleer wat fokus op die verband tussen geslag, ouderdom, jare onderwyservaring en geografiese ligging enersyds en die probleme wat ondervind word, menings oor ondersteuningsmetodes en die selektering van mentors andersyds. Die belangrikste probleme waarvoor beginneronderwysers te staan kom, is ’n gebrek aan hulpbronne, die handhawing van dissipline en die implementering van uitkomsgerigte onderwys (UGO). Die probleme wat beginneronderwysers moet oorkom, word beïnvloed deur geslag, ouderdom, jare ervaring en die bepaalde onderwysstelsel waar die beginner werk.
Neophyte educators, Teaching experience, Teaching skills, Teacher induction, South African education system
Steyn, T., & Schulze, S. (2005). The induction of inexperienced teachers: problems and needs. Acta Academica, 37(3), 234-259.