Space, trinity and city: a theological exploration

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Venter, R.
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Faculty of Theology, University of the Free State
English: The article addresses the neglect of space in theology. It is argued that any retrieval of space requires a transcendent referent and practical application. Hence, space is treated in relation to the doctrine of the trinity and the crisis of contemporary city life. The first part of the article attends to scholarly voices from various academic disciplines who made insightful contributions on the subject of space, and its relationship to trinity and the city. Informed by this groundbreaking work, the article offers in the final place a personal proposal of a trinitarian spatiology that might impact on the way social organisation in the city is approached. Especially the notions of plurality, perichoresis, gifting, and beauty are emphasised. The research is motivated by an ethical concern about the public relevance of theology.
Space, Trinity, City
Venter, R. (2006). Space, trinity and city: a theological exploration. Acta Theologica, 26(1), 201-224.