The dynamism of political transformation in South Africa - a general assessment

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Duvenhage, Andre
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Department of Communication Science, University of the Free State
Political transformation, to rectify the injustices of Apartheid, has been elevated to the only acceptable norm for change in South Africa and critique against transformation is seen as racism, disloyalty to the state, treason etc. Since 1994 political transformation became the official framework for political management and political change in South Africa. Despite many good things that happened in South Africa after 1994 (social upliftment, economic growth, relative political stability and international recognition), academics and politicians have voiced their concern about the "unexpected" dynamics related to the implementation of political transformation. The dynamism of political transformation as political phenomenon in South Africa can be distinguished from revolution, transition and development through criteria such as its nature, its rapidity, its direction and its extent. This article deals with the theoretical and empirical manifestation of transformation efforts to rid the South African society of its unacceptable political past. The dynamism of central planning (social and political engineering) to effect the desired transformation, the managing of the "national project" and the ensuing conflict, are assessed. This article shows the problems of political transformation, especially within the context of unsuccessful attempts in terms of the implementation of the national project.
Political transformation, Injustices of Apartheid, Political dynamism, Political change, South African politics
Duvenage, A. (2005). The dynamism of political transformation in South Africa - a general assessment. Communitas, 10, 1-19.