The contributions of construction material waste to project cost overruns in Abuja, Nigeria

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Saidu, Ibrahim
Shakantu, Winston
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University of the Free State
English: Material wastage on construction sites can contribute to cost overruns. Research to provide evidence of the extent of material wastages’ contribution to cost overruns on construction sites is based mostly on surveys. Thus, the actual contribution is not yet ascertained. The purpose of this article is to report the results of an objectively investigated study on the contributions of material waste to project-cost overrun. The methodological approach adopted for the study is the quantitative technique that is rooted in the positivist paradigm. The investigation included ongoing building construction projects within Abuja, Nigeria, from which a sample of 31 public and private projects was purposefully selected (project value of ₦1.6 billion Naira and above). The data for this research were sourced from the field investigation (measurement of the volume of material waste) and data from the archival records (drawings, bills of quantities, project-progress reports, and specifications) on material waste and cost overruns. The collected data were analysed using the Pearson moment correlation and the descriptive method. The research results revealed a statistically significant relationship between material waste and cost overrun. This implies that any increase in the volume of material waste would lead to a corresponding increase in the amount of cost overrun. The results showed that the significant percentage contribution of material waste to project-cost overrun ranges from 1.96% to 8.01%, with an average contribution of 4.0% to project-cost overruns. It is recommended that construction professionals be well informed of the consequences of material waste contributions to project-cost overrun at an early stage, in order to enable the professionals to evaluate the extent to which these consequences could be minimised.
Afrikaans: Materiaalvermorsing op konstruksieterreine kan bydra tot die oorskryding van boukostes. Navorsingsresultate oor die omvang van materiaalvermorsing ten opsigte van koste-drempeloorskryding op konstruksieterreine is gebaseer meestal op opnames. Die werklike omvang is dus nog nie vasgestel nie. Die doel van hierdie artikel is om die resultate van ‘n objektiewe ondersoek wat gedoen is oor wat die bydraes van afvalmateriaal van ‘n projek is op die projekkostedrempeloorskryding weer te gee. Die metodologiese benadering vir die studie was die kwantitatiewe tegniek wat gewortel is in die positivistiese paradigma. Die ondersoek het deurlopende bou-projekte binne Abuja, Nigerië, ingesluit waaruit ‘n steekproef van 31 openbare en private projekte doelbewus gekies is met ‘n projekwaarde van 1600000000 ₦ Naira en hoër. Die data vir hierdie navorsing is verkry van die veldondersoek (meting van die volume afvalmateriaal) en data uit die argiefrekords (tekeninge, bou-bestekke, projek-vorderingsverslae en spesifikasies) op afvalmateriaal en koste-drempeloorskryding. Die data-analise is gedoen met behulp van die Pearson oomblik korrelasie en die beskrywende metode. Die navorsingsresultate het ‘n beduidende statistiese verband tussen afvalmateriaal en koste-drempeloorskryding getoon. Dit impliseer dat ‘n toename in die volume afvalmateriaal sou lei tot ‘n ooreenstemmende toename in die koste-oorskrydingsbedrag. Die navorsing toon dat die beduidende persentasie bydrae van afvalmateriaal tot projekkoste-oorskryding wissel van 1.96% tot 8.01%, met ‘n gemiddelde bydrae van 4.0% tot die projekkosteoorskryding. Dit word aanbeveel dat professionele konstruksiewerkers goed ingelig moet word oor die gevolge van afvalmateriaal se bydraes tot projekkoste-oorskryding in ‘n vroeë stadium van die projek. Sodoende kan professionele konstruksiewerkers die mate waartoe die gevolge van oorskryding geminimaliseer kan word, evalueer.
Cost overrun, Construction waste, Construction industry, Material waste
Saidu, I., & Shakantu, W. (2016). The contributions of construction material waste to project cost overruns in Abuja, Nigeria. Acta Structilia, 23(1), 99-113.