Hidrografiese opmetingskepe in diens van die Suid-Afrikaanse Vloot, 1922-2012

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Wessels, André
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Faculty of Humanities, University of the Free State
The history of hydrography in the South African Navy (SAN) covers the whole history of the SAN, since one of the three ships of the South African Naval Service (as the SAN was known when it was established on 1 April 1922) was a hydrographic survey ship, namely HMSAS Protea. In this article, 90 years of hydrography is analysed by looking at the work done by the above-mentioned first Protea (1922-1933), as well as by the second survey ship named Protea (1950-1957), SAS Natal (1957-1972), SAS Haerlem (1963-1978), and by the third Protea (since 1972). The work done by the SAN’s Hydrographic Office will, of course, also be discussed. The article commemorates 90 years of hydrography in the SAN and its predecessors, with special reference to the Navy’s hydrographic research ships, and consequently at the same time commemorates the 40 years of service by the present SAS Protea.
Hydrography, South African Navy, SAS Protea, SAS Natal, SAS Haerlem
Wessels, A. (2012). Hidrografiese opmetingskepe in diens van die Suid-Afrikaanse Vloot, 1922-2012. Journal for Contemporary History, 37(1), 232-250.