Exploring the growth of agricultural productivity in Africa: a Färe-Primont Index approach

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Myeki, Lindikaya W.
Bahta, Yonas T.
Matthews, Nicolette
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The effort to increase agricultural productivity continues to receive interest in Africa as low productivity levels, poverty and food insecurity remain or even increase. This study used the Färe-Primont Index to estimate agricultural total factor productivity growth for 49 African countries. Panel data consisting of 833 observations for the period 2000 to 2016 were obtained from the United State Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service database. The results show that the average growth rate for agriculture in Africa is 0.73% per annum. The sector experienced increased growth after the Maputo Declaration, which was sustained during the global financial crisis. West Africa experienced the largest growth while Southern Africa suffered a substantial decline. The study also discovered that growth differed between countries indicating that customization of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme into regional and country-specific policy interventions is important to boost agricultural productivity. Finally, the growth was achieved through technical change, while efficiency change constrained growth. Policy-makers should increase investment in agricultural extension services, education and training to enhance managerial capacity (efficiency change) because improved managerial capacity could increase agricultural growth and thereby increase food security and alleviate poverty in Africa
Agriculture TFP growth, Färe-Primont Index, Technical change, Efficiency change, Africa
Myeki, L.W., Bahta, Y.T., & Matthews, N. (2022). Exploring the growth of agricultural productivity in Africa: a Färe-Primont Index approach. Agriculture, 12, 1236. https://doi.org/10.3390/agriculture12081236