Teacher narratives on the teaching of sexuality and HIV/AIDS education

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Francis, Dennis
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Department of Communication Science, University of the Free State
This article interrogates two questions: what do teachers believe about their training and preparation to teach sexuality education, and how do teachers reconcile their own identities and beliefs with the content of sexuality education? Using a qualitative research design with in-depth interviewing as method, this article argues that Life Orientation teachers lack training and come from a diverse range of fields, which do not always adequately equip them to teach sexuality education confidently and effectively. The article also makes suggestions for policy, practice and direction that future research might take to deepen our understanding about the teaching of sexuality education, including that schools must provide in-service sessions on the teaching of sexuality and that teacher training in the area of sexuality education must take into account elements of self-reflexivity where teachers begin to recognise and name their own beliefs and prejudices, and begin to separate their own values from the content they are teaching.
Sexuality, Education
Francis, D. (2012). Teacher narratives on the teaching of sexuality and HIV/AIDS education. Communitas, 17, 45-59.