Gedragsvorme van dosente wat 'n impak op onderrigkommunikasie uitoefen

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Terblanche, F. H.
Terblanche, L.
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Department of Communication Science, University of the Free State
The primary purpose of this literature review was to determine which aspects of communicative behaviour of lecturers assisted in promoting learning within a traditional teaching context. From a variety of research results it appears that there is a positive relationship between lecturers' perceived credibility and learners' motivation to learn as well as their cognitive, affective and behavioural learning. It has been shown that although the classic third dimension of credibility, namely goodwill or intention towards the receiver, has become one with the dimension of character over the years, it still fulfils a role rich in meaning in instructional communication. In this regard there is a variety of mutually related forms of behaviour evident in lecturers from which lecturers can make a choice in order to improve their credibility. These forms of behaviour may be divided into three broad categories, namely affinity-seeking, immediacy and caring, although some of the subdivisions of these may well overlap. It is recommended that lecturers be made aware, through some or other orientation programme, of the dimensions of credibility and the role this plays in effective instructional communication. If attention is not paid to this, the anxiety regarding instructional communication which currently exists could degenerate into a nightmare.
Instructional communication, Lecturers, Communicative behaviour of lecturers
Terblanche, F. H., & Terblanche, L. (2005). Gedragsvorme van dosente wat 'n impak op onderrigkommunikasie uitoefen. Communitas, 10, 87-108.