Making sense of Jesus: experiences, interpretation and identities

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Tolmie, D. F.
Venter, R.
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SUN MeDIA Bloemfontein (SUN PReSS imprint)
Making sense of Jesus is comprised of twelve chapters of a Christological nature, which are the result of a multidisciplinary theological research project. The aim of this book is to ascertain how, in the current cultural situation, an encounter with Jesus is determined by specific historical and personal conditions, and what the consequences of such an encounter may be. The book is divided into two parts, the first of which contains research that deals with encounters, mediated by New Testament and historical studies, while the second is dedicated to contemporary and constructive issues of a cultural, technological, moral and existential nature. The basic approach of the research, and that of this publication, is not to continue conventional Christology, but to generate new knowledge therein. In this approach, issues are raised and questions are asked which, while both inspiring and unsettling, no serious academic can afford to ignore. - Prof. C.J. Wethmar, University of the Pretoria
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Aesthetic, Africa, Black theology, Christology, Deification, Ethics, Justice, Morality, Masculinity, Pluralism, Post-colonialism, Queer, Spirituality, Trinity
Tolmie, F., & Venter, R. (Eds.). (2017). Making sense of Jesus: experiences, interpretations and identities. doi:/10.18820/9781928424079