Aspekte van narratiewe kommunikasie as retoriese strategie binne prediking

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Van der Walt, Marésa
Marais, Willemien
De Wet, Johann C.
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Department of Communication Science, University of the Free State
Human beings are susceptible to the rhetorical power of narrative communication. Narrative communication is an organisational element that helps people to make sense of the world they live in. Rhetoric is the application of reason to imagination to bring the human will into movement. In the world of communication within the Christian philosophy, narrative communication can be used as a rhetorical strategy. This article discusses the different aspects of the use of narrative communication as rhetorical strategy within preaching. Both narrative techniques and narrative style elements can be used to contribute to the rhetorical effectiveness of a sermon. The use of “story elements” and “style elements” qualify a text (sermon) as “narrative”. The rhetorical success of narrative communication when used in sermons was tested in traditional Afrikaans-speaking Apostolic Faith Mission congregations in Bloemfontein. Churchgoers completed questionnaires to convey their experience and opinion of the use of narrative communication in preaching during 12 sermons. The results were overwhelmingly positive.
Narrative communication, Rhetoric, Christian philosophy
Van der Walt, M.,Marais, W., & De Wet, J. C. (2010). Aspekte van narratiewe kommunikasie as retoriese strategie binne prediking.Communitas, 18,116-135.