Gender issues in housing delivery in the Free State since 1994

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Marais, Lochner
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University of the Free State
English: Although policies have become far more gender-sensitive there is still no guarantee that females and males have ‘comparatively speaking’ the same access to housing opportunities. In South Africa (specifically the Free State), although the housing policy has no discriminatory clauses it does not necessarily impact positively on the living conditions of women. While specific attempts are being made to increase the role played by women in the construction of houses, the power dynamic is overwhelming against women. More attention needs to be paid to understanding gender issues and effectively integrating their implications into policy.
Afrikaans: Alhoewel huidige behuisingsbeleid geen diskriminerende fasette bevat nie, is dit klaarblyklik nog nie voldoende om gelyke behuisingsomstandighede vir vroue en mans te bewerkstellig nie. In Suid-Afrika (spesifiek die Vrystaat) is daar bevind dat, ten spyte van ’n nie-diskriminerende beleid, die lewensomstandighede van vroue nog nie noodwendig positief beïnvloed is nie. Ten spyte van pogings om meer huisboukontrakte aan vroue toe te ken, wil dit voorkom asof die diskriminasie teen vroue voortduur. Veel meer aandag moet gegee word aan die integrasie en verstaan van geslagsimplikasies in die behuisingsbeleid.
Gender issues, Housing opportunities, Living conditions of women
Marais, L. (2002). Gender issues in housing delivery in the Free State since 1994. Acta Academica, Supplement, 147-166.