Die 1983 Afrikaanse Bybelvertaling in die lig van huidige tendense en behoeftes

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Snyman, A. H.
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Faculty of Theology, University of the Free State
At a symposium on current trends in Bible translation held in August 2001 it became clear that linguistic-based theories, which dominated translation work when the 1983 Afrikaans translation came on the scene, have been replaced by functionalist approaches and descriptive translation studies (DTS). The difference between these approaches lies in their relation to the source text: linguistic theorists regard the source text as a norm and evaluate any translation in terms of its equivalence to the source text. In contrast, the functionalist theorists regard a translation as a new communicative act that must be purposeful with respect to the translator’s clients and readership, while DTS views a text as a translation if it functions as such in the receiving culture and literary system. A recent investigation into the need for a new Afrikaans translation reveals that there is a need for various types of translation. The majority of respondents are satisfied with the 1983 translation and do not want a new one. It has also become apparent, however, that the 1983 translation is not suitable for liturgical use in all Afrikaans-speaking churches. In line with the experience of the new Dutch translation project, there is a specific need for a translation that reflects the literary forms and structures of the source texts and retains as much as possible imagery and metaphor, if functional, in contemporary Afrikaans. The Church Advisory Committee: Afrikaans Translations recommended to churches that a new translation should not be undertaken at this stage, but that research continue and proof translations be published in order to reach consensus on the type of translation needed. This recommendation is strongly supported in this article, due to the trends and needs outlined above. Once consensus has been reached, a thorough translation brief should guide the translation process.
Bible translation, Theory of translation, Afrikaans language, 1983 Afrikaans Bible translation
Snyman, A. H. (2003). Die 1983 Afrikaanse Bybelvertaling in die lig van huidige tendense en behoeftes. Acta Theologica, 23(1), 175-193.