The influence of emotional intelligence and resilience on work engagement amongst nurses in public hospitals

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Chikobvu, Pardon
Harunavamwe, Martha
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Orientation: It has become vital for hospitals to create supportive and conducive working environments. With the reported adverse working conditions in public hospitals, it would be prudent to consider the stimulating factors of work engagement. This research suggests that personal resources such as resilience and emotional intelligence may cushion individuals from being disengaged by enabling them to manage job demands. Research purpose: The study aimed to determine the extent to which a combination of positive aspects and resources of emotional intelligence and resilience may influence work engagement. Motivation for the study: The study was inspired by Demerouti and Bakker who in 2011 signalled that employees become susceptible to health impairments when job and personal resources are likely to be limited. Expanding employee personal resources may thus effectively influence work engagement. Research approach, design and method: The study employed a cross-sectional quantitative survey by means of self-administered questionnaires. The sample consisted of 252 nurses from the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality, South Africa. Data were analysed using the SmartPLS programme. Main findings: Emotional intelligence influences work engagement through resilience. The strong direct pathway between emotional intelligence and work engagement was noteworthy. Practical/managerial implication: Managers may focus their attention on developing aspects of emotional intelligence and enhance resilience as a way of improving work engagement. Contribution/value-add: The findings add literature to the body of knowledge focusing on expanding personal resource as a way to enhance work engagement amongst nurses in public hospitals.
Nurses, Work engagement, Emotional intelligence, Resilience, Personal resources, Perseverance, Self-reliance, Self-regulation, Vigour, Absorption
Chikobvu, P., & Harunavamwe, M. (2022). The influence of emotional intelligence and resilience on work engagement amongst nurses in public hospitals. SA Journal of Industrial Psychology, 48(0), a1919.