Employing the Ubuntu approach as a lens to enhance risk management skills at a municipality

dc.contributor.authorChoane, M. P.
dc.description.abstractIn South African cities, the approach to risk management skills training has relied heavily on positivist research approaches. However, such professional research models tend to restrict employees’ input on risk mitigation. Consequently, despite the existence of rich African philosophical approaches, such as Ubuntu, the methods of teaching and learning risk management in municipalities are ineffective. Some ineffectiveness is the result of ignorance of utilising the Ubuntu philosophy for the identification, assessment and mitigation of risks with a view to enhancing the internal operations of an organisation. The practice of Ubuntu in teaching and learning, with specific reference to risk management, encourages a culture of group solidarity in the research environment that embraces brotherhood and sisterhood for survival. The question this article seeks to answer is: How can the use of the Ubuntu philosophy as a lens enhance the risk management skills of municipal officials? A single case study was conducted at Xhariep District Municipality in the Free State. Data was collected from municipal officials through participatory action research. The article recommends a culture of integrated teamwork driven by Ubuntu principles. Such a culture will contribute to human resource development, which will improve employees’ competency and self-esteem for the provision of better and higher-quality services to the Xhariep communities.
dc.description.versionPublisher's version
dc.identifier.citationChoane, M. P. (2023). Employing the Ubuntu approach as a lens to enhance risk management skills at a Municipality. Administratio Publica, 31(3), 131-145.
dc.identifier.issn1015-4833 (online)
dc.titleEmploying the Ubuntu approach as a lens to enhance risk management skills at a municipality
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