The poetics of littérature engagée: Hans Magnus Enzensberger

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Van den Berg, Cilliers
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University of the Free State
English: Issues related to the socio-political role of literature have always been one of the most important themes in the work of Hans Magnus Enzensberger. His notion of littérature engagée and its actual impact has changed from being optimistic in the earlier texts to being more pessimistic in his later work. This change can be read against the background of certain constants in his oeuvre, especially his view of literature as being nonconformist. This article aims to describe this change by referring to a number of relevant texts. In conclusion the role of “context” as a determining factor for the potential impact of literature is considered.
Afrikaans: Kwessies rondom die sosiopolitieke rol van letterkunde was nog altyd een van die belangrikste temas in die werk van Hans Magnus Enzensberger. Sy siening van littérature engagée en die daadwerklike impak daarvan het egter veranderinge ondergaan: vanaf ’n optimistiese inskatting in die vroeë tekste na ’n meer pessimistiese instelling in sy latere werk. Hierdie veranderinge kan gelees word teen bepaalde konstantes in sy oeuvre, veral in terme van sy siening van die letterkunde as nonkonformisties. Die doel van die artikel is om hierdie verandering te beskryf deur na ’n aantal relevante tekste te verwys. Ten slotte word verwys na die bepalende rol van “konteks” vir die potensiële impak van letterkunde.
Enzensberger, Hans Magnus, Littérature engagée
Van Den Berg, C. (2010). The poetics of littérature engagée: Hans Magnus Enzensberger. Acta Academica, 42(1), 97-131.