Recent Submissions

  • Software engineering project 

    Hassett, S. G.; Mochaki, T. M.; Phuthi, R. G. (University of the Free State, 2020)
    This document outlines the deliverables for the Requirements, Analysis and Design workflows of the Unified Process for the UFS COVID-19 Screening System. The UFS COVID-19 Screening System serves to automate the process of ...
  • The effects of ambient light and temperature on moth behaviour in different South African locations 

    Mollo, Retshedisitswe (University of the Free State, 2020)
    Insects, the smallest, most diverse animals in the world can be great biological indicators. Moths are one of the very few that need to be conserved in order to inform us about the environment. This study investigates how ...
  • Temperature and light effect on moth activity/numbers 

    Seeqela, Ntsibiseng (University of the Free State, 2020)
    In this article, we are investigating the effects of temperature and light on moth activity or numbers. If the moths like warmer temperatures, then there will be more moths in warmer temperatures than in colder temperatures. ...