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    • Substantialisation and the plurality of the self 

      Heyns, Michael (University of the Free State, 2004)
      English: This paper focuses on two broad categories of amenders of the classical self, namely Kenneth Gergen’s abolition of the self and Charles Taylor’s transformation of the self. After the heyday of behaviourism it ...
    • Theatre as social critique in the South African political context: the plays of Zakes Mda 

      Uwab, Chijioke (University of the Free State, 2004)
      English: In the past few years, especially after independence, South African theatre has not been as critical of the political process as one would have expected, given its critical attitude towards the apartheid system. ...
    • Wat sê die swyende Kubaan vandag vir ons? Oor konflikliteratuur 

      Weideman, George (University of the Free State, 2004)
      English:The escalation of conflict and its representation in the media have an overwhelming effect on society. Re-reading Etienne van Heerden’s seminal short story, “My Kubaan”, may help rectify negative responses to ...