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    • ADENDORFF, CJW Inventory of documents 

      ADENDORFF, CJW (ARCA, 2017)
      Documents pertaining to the Grey Shirts and the SA Reserve Bank
    • ABRAHAM, Johannes Hendrikus [Hans] Inventory of documents 

      ABRAHAM, Johannes Hendrikus [Hans] (ARCA, 2017)
      Private papers of J.H. Abraham, National Party MP Groblersdal [1948-1960], Commissioner General for the Xhosa National Unit [Transkei and Ciskei Bantu Homelands], [1960-1974].
    • ALBERTYN, JTJ Inventory of documents 

      ALBERTYN, JTJ (ARCA, 2017)
      Private papers of J.T. Albertyn, National Party MP for False Bay [1974-1981]
    • BADENHORST, Louis Inventory of documents 

      BADENHORST, Louis (ARCA, 2017)
      Private papers of L. Badenhorst, MPC Zastron [1976].
    • AFRIKANER PARTY Inventory of documents 

      Papers of the Afrikaner Party. After the declaration of war in September 1939, Genl. Hertzog and his followers broke away from the United Party and founded the Volks Party. The Volks Party then split up and one section ...
    • ARNOLD, Augustus Conrad [At] Inventory of documents 

      ARNOLD, Augustus Conrad [At] (ARCA, 2017)
      Private papers of A.C. Arnold, Town Clerk, Windhoek, NP Member in the Council of SWA.
    • AFRIKANERBOND Inventory of documents 

      Papers of the Afrikanerbond; established in 1879 by Rev. S.J. du Toit In 1882 became the first political party within the Cape Colony
    • BARNARD, Jacobus Frederik [Fred] Inventory of documents 

      BARNARD, Jacobus Frederik [Fred] (ARCA, 2017)
      Private papers of J.F. Barnard, private secretary of Dr. H.F. Verwoerd [1952-1965].
    • BASSON, WD Inventory of documents 

      BASSON, WD (ARCA, 2017)
      Private papers of WD Basson on inter alia the National Party and the National Youth League
    • BOTHA, Pieter Willem Inventory of documents 

      BOTHA, Pieter Willem (ARCA, 2017)
      Private papers of P.W. Botha, National Party MP George [1948-1984], Deputy Minister Interior [1958-1961], Minister of Housing [1961-1964], Community Development [1961-1966], Coloured Affairs [1961-1966], Public Works ...
    • BEKKER, G.F.H. Inventory of documents 

      BEKKER, G.F.H. (ARCA, 2017)
      National Council member for the Cradock constituency (19 May 1938-29 March 1966) - National Party; National Party (1943); Represented SA Parliamentary Conference in Canada; Proposer of the Orange River Scheme.
    • BOTHA, Louis Johannes Inventory of documents 

      BOTHA, Louis Johannes (ARCA, 2017)
      Private papers of L.J. Botha, National Party MP Bethlehem [1968-1980], Administrator of the Orange Free State [1980-1991]
    • BLACKWELL, Leslie Inventory of documents 

      BLACKWELL, Leslie (ARCA, 2017)
      Private papers of L. Blackwell, MP for the Unionist Party [1915-1920], United Party [1921-1943]. Resigned as MP and became Supreme Court Judge [1943-1955].
    • BONTHUYS, BM Inventory of documents 

      BONTHUYS, BM (ARCA, 2017)
      Speeches, programmes, memorial pieces and newspaper cuttings on election results
    • BOYD, Leonard Louis [Leo] Inventory of documents 

      BOYD, Leonard Louis [Leo] (ARCA, 2017)
      Private papers of L.L. Boyd, MPC Natal [1943-1958]; Mayor Durban [1946-1949]; Vice-Chairman United Party Natal [1955-1958]; joined Progressive Party [1959]; Leader of the Progressive Party in Natal.
    • BOTHA, Michiel Coenraad Inventory of documents 

      BOTHA, BOTHA, Michiel Coenraad Michiel Coenraad (ARCA, 2017)
      Private papers of M.C. Botha, National Party MP Roodepoort [1953-1977], Deputy Minister of Bantu Administration and Development [1960-1966], Minister of Bantu Administration and Development [1966-1978], Native Affairs [ ...
    • BEYERS, Frederik William Inventory of documents 

      BEYERS, Frederik William (ARCA, 2017)
      Private papers of F.W. Beyers, National Party MP Edenburg [1918-1929], Minister of Mines and Industry [1924-1929], Judge of Appeal Court [1932-1938].
    • BEKKER, Pieter Bailey Inventory of documents 

      BEKKER, Pieter Bailey (ARCA, 2017)
      Private papers of P.B. Bekker, MPC Wakkerstroom [1943-1949], MP United Party Johannesburg North {1949-1954], National Conservative Party Johannesburg North [1954-1957], Independent [1957-1958].
    • BOTHA, Anna Elizabeth Inventory of documents 

      BOTHA, Anna Elizabeth (ARCA, 2017)
      Private papers of A.E. Botha, wife of State President P.W. Botha.
    • BUHRMAN, JR Inventory of documents 

      BUHRMAN, JR (ARCA, 2017)
      Documents regarding the Assembly election 1916 and the Uitkomst School, Ermelo