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    • An integrated communication model for marketing the UFS 

      Mulder, Dalmé (University of the Free State, 2008-06)
      English: The higher education environment in South Africa has changed much in the past decade. In transforming the higher education sector, markets were created that lead to the corporatisation of universities. Corporate ...
    • A leadership communication value chain model 

      De Lange, Lucrezea (University of the Free State, 2017-12)
      Abstract not available
    • Nat Nakasa as existential journalist 

      Marais, Willemien (University of the Free State, 2016-02)
      English: South African journalist Nat Nakasa’s short career in journalism started at Drum magazine in Johannesburg in 1958 and ended in New York City when he died of suicide in 1965. Arguably, Nakasa was not the most ...
    • The rhetorical imprint of Nelson Mandela as reflected in public speeches 1950 - 2004 

      Cawood, Stephanie (University of the Free State, 2011-05)
      The study set out to construct a rhetorical imprint of Nelson Mandela as reflected in a combination of all, as well as selected publicly available speeches from 1950 to 2004. The rhetorical imprint refers to constant, ...