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    • CL degradation of Y2SiO5:Ce thin films coated with SnO2 

      Coetsee, Elizabeth (University of the Free State, 2006-05)
      The degradation of the cathodoluminescence (CL) intensity of cerium-doped yttrium silicate (Y 2SiO 5:Ce) phosphor thin films and commercially available Y2SiO5:Ce phosphor powders from Phosphor technology, England, were ...
    • Luminescent properties of Y2SiO5:Ce thin films 

      Coetsee, Elizabeth (University of the Free State, 2010-05)
      The luminescent properties of yttrium silicate doped with cerium (Y2SiO5:Ce) phosphor thin films were investigated. A detailed investigation (cathodoluminescence (CL), photoluminescence (PL) and Gaussian peak fits) was ...