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    • The lipid composition of the yeast genus Saccharomycopsis Schiönning 

      Sebolai, Olihile Moses (University of the Free State, 2004-11)
      English: In this study, the construction of a forecasting model, using intracellular fatty acid composition as indicator, was attempted to assist in the search for yeasts capable of producing 3-hydroxy oxylipins. In order ...
    • Oxylipin distribution in Eremothecium 

      Leeuw, Ntsoaki Joyce (University of the Free State, 2006-11)
      English: In the early 1990’s, Kock and co-workers discovered acetylsalicylic acid (ASA)-sensitive oxylipins in yeasts. It was also reported that the site of production of these compounds may serve as important targets to ...
    • The role of lipids in the flocculation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae 

      Strauss, Catharina J (University of the Free State, 2005-11)
      English: Although beer production is one of the oldest biotechnologies in the world, a major constraint in brewing remains controlling flocculation. Evidence points towards a possible role of lipids, associated with the ...