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    • Water footprint and the value of water used in the lucerne-dairy value chain 

      Scheepers, Morne Erwin (University of the Free State, 2015-01)
      The main objective of this study was to assess the water footprint to produce lucerne under irrigation, which is then used as an important feed input for the production of milk in order to get an understanding of the volume ...
    • Water footprint assessment of maize and associated broiler production in South Africa 

      Nkhuoa, Phoka Gerald (University of the Free State, 2017-08)
      South Africa is a water-scarce country. Globally, the agricultural sector accounts for 75% of freshwater consumption, followed by the industrial sector with 20%, and the domestic sector with 5%. The human population is ...
    • Water footprint of wheat and derived wheat products in South Africa 

      Mohlotsane, M. P. (University of the Free State, 2017-02)
      The main objective of this study was to assess the water footprint of wheat in South Africa, an important input in the wheat-bread value chain. The water footprint of flour, and that of bread, was calculated to determine ...
    • Water quality of the Modder River 

      Koning, Nadene (University of the Free State, 1998-11)
      English: The Modder River is a relatively small river which drains an area of 7 960 km² , in the central region of the Free State Province, South Africa and has a mean annual runoff of 184 x 10⁶ m³ . Botshabelo is a city ...
    • Water quality of the upper Orange River 

      Venter, Gertruida C. (University of the Free State, 2000-05)
      English: The Upper Orange River is defined as the region between the source in the Drakensberg (Lesotho) and the Orange-Vaal confluence. Information on the water quality, phytoplankton composition and the influence of ...
    • Water use and production potential of Karoo shrubs 

      Malan, Paul Johannes (University of the Free State, 2015-06)
      English: Variation in, and changing of climatological patterns, especially rainfall, as well as grazing intensity and frequency has the biggest influence on rangeland productivity and sustainable animal production in the ...
    • The water, energy and soil removal efficiency of a top and a front loader washing machine 

      Seiphetlheng, Kgalalelo (University of the Free State, 2011-11)
      English: Water and energy are used in the domestic laundering processes for optimum soil and stain removal. Water and energy conservation are important issues in the quest for more environment friendly household practices. ...
    • Waterbalans studies in geselekteerde subhabitatte van 'n Burkea-Savanna 

      Moore, Arno (University of the Free State, 1980-11)
      English: During this project the field-water balances in four subhabitats of the Burkea savanna in Phase II of the Savanna Ecosystem Project at Nylsvley were studied.The project included a study of the water redistribu ...
    • Weidingkapasiteitstudies op veld in die Noord-Kaap 

      Venter, Izak Stephanus (University of the Free State, 1990-11)
      No abstract available.
    • Wheat leaf rust resistance in selected Triticum turgidum accessions 

      Bower, Juan-Marié (University of the Free State, 2002-05)
      English: In wheat, the depletion of genes for rust resistance necessitates the search for alternative sources of diversity. Species related to wheat, e.g. Triticum turgidum, provide such a source of new and hopefully ...
    • Wind erosion and soil susceptibility in the Free State Province, South Africa 

      Mahasa, Pululu Sexton (University of the Free State, 2015-07)
      English: Wind erosion is identified as one of the most problematic environmental and social-economic problems in the Free State province. The development and intensification of soil wind erosion are influenced by the factors ...
    • WISH as a water management tool in opencast and underground collieries 

      Lukas, Eelco (University of the Free State, 2012-05)
      English: Over the last 15 years the Windows Interpretation System for the Hydrogeologist (WISH) was developed by the author of this thesis. The program is used by numerous mines and consultants all over South Africa and ...
    • Wood-polymer composites utilizing degraded polyolefins as compatabilizers 

      Ndlovu, Sibusiso Sibongiseni (University of the Free State (QwaQwa Campus), 2011-12)
      English: The effect of degraded LDPE (dLDPE) as compatibilizer on the morphology, as well as thermal, mechanical, and thermo-mechanical properties, of LDPE/wood flour (WF) composites was investigated in this study. The ...
    • Wool sheep production systems for the Western Highveld of South Africa 

      Van Vuuren, Barend Gerhardus Jansen (University of the Free State, 2000-05)
      English: The aim of this study was to evaluate the biological and economical feasibility of wool sheep farming in the Western Highveld of South Africa. The performance of young sheep utilizing Digitaria eriantha Steud. ...
    • Workplace planning and design standards in South Africa: office planning and evaluation standards for South Africa 

      Esterhuysen, Wilandi (University of the Free State, 2008-10)
      English: The importance of workplace environmental conditions in improving and sustaining the productivity of end-users in offices was recognised. Developments in offices to support diversity in work style and work processes ...
    • XRD, Mössbauer and magnetic properties of CdFe₂O₄, Zn₀₅(Co, Ni)₀₅Fe₂O₄ and Znx Mn₁₋xFe₂O₄ nanoferrites 

      Nhlapo, Toitoi Amos (University of the Free State (Qwaqwa Campus), 2012-05)
      Abstract not available
    • Yeast diversity in blue mould ripened cheeses 

      De Jager, Paul Human (University of the Free State, 2003-01)
      English: Blue veined cheese is considered a speciality cheese and is not as popular as other cheese varieties, such as Cheddar or Gouda. Their popularity is however increasing worldwide making it important to study their ...
    • Yeast diversity in white mould-ripened cheeses 

      Khoury, Alice Rosal (University of the Free State, 2002-01)
      Surface mould-ripened cheeses represent a small proportion of world cheese production. However, these cheeses are becoming increasingly popular with the consumer, as there is an increasing demand for it (Gripon, 1987). ...
    • Yeast sensors reveal chloroquine as yeast fertility drug 

      Olivier, Andries Petrus Stephanus (University of the Free State, 2013-11)
      English: Previous unpublished research by Kock and co-workers indicated that the antimalarial drug chloroquine (CQ) stimulates yeast sexual stages (biosensors). Consequently several indicator yeasts (Eremothecium ashbyi, ...
    • Yeasts as adjunct starter cultures in cheese making 

      Mehlomakulu, Ngwekazi Nwabisa (University of the Free State, 2011-01)
      A literature review on the role and presence of microorganisms in cheese was reviewed. The biochemical pathways involved in the cheese manufacture from the milk to the resultant cheese curd at the end of manufacturing were ...