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    • Ruthenium based homogeneous olefin metathesis 

      Kirk, Megan Michelle (University of the Free State, 2005-11)
      English: The aim of this study was to investigate the decomposition of the methylidenes 4a [Ru(Cl)2(PCy3)2CH2] and 6 [Ru(Cl)2(PCy3)(NHC)CH2] and alkylidene 5 [Ru(Cl)2(PCy3)2CHR], formed in the homogeneous olefin metathesis ...
    • Silver(I) complexes as model catalysts in olefin hydroformylation 

      Venter, Gertruida Jacoba Susanna (University of the Free State, 2007-11)
      English: The aim of this study was to synthesize Ag(I) complexes of the type [AgXLn] (L = tertiary phosphine; n = 1-4; X = coordinating or non-coordinating anion) and explore the olefin hydroformylation activity and ligand ...
    • Synthesis of novel polymer-bound morpholine-N-oxides as possible oxidants in alkene oxidation 

      Buitendach, Blenerhassitt Edward (University of the Free State, 2008-03)
      English: In this dissertation is reported the syntheses and characterisation of polysuccinimide- and polyepichlorohydrin-bound morpholine-N-oxide as possible polymeric oxidants. The use of 1H NMR spectroscopy to determine ...