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    • Bushman (San) influence on Zulu place names 

      Raper, Peter E. (University of the Free State, 2012)
      English: The study is of concern to any reader interested in the development of indigenous South African languages and peoples, academics specialising in onomastics and all related disciplines, and politicians who take ...
    • The ethnonyms ‘Bushman’ and ‘San’ 

      Raper, Peter (University of the Free State, 2010)
      English: The first part of the term “Bushman” has been variously explained as referring to bush-covered country, or to bushes as refuge from enemies, as cover from which to attack man or beast, or as dwelling places. The ...
    • Monologue and multivocality in San rock art studies 

      Dederen, J-M.; Mokakabye, J. (University of the Free State, 2018)
      It is contended here that the leading approach in San rock art studies, commonly referred to as the shamanistic model or theory, has evolved over a period of three decades into a dominant voice. The prominence of this ...