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    • Seksuele teistering in die werkplek: 'n Suid-Afrikaanse perspektief 

      Snyman-Van Deventer, E.; Du Plessis, J. V.; De Bruin, J. H. (Faculty of Law, University of the Free State, 2004)
      English: Sexual harassment in the workplace is a grave problem and it significantly impedes on a person's entrance into many sectors of the wage labour market. The number of sexual harassment complaints increases dramatically ...
    • The series limited liability company: innovative, flexible...and complicated 

      Hauman, M.; Snyman-Van Deventer, E. (Faculty of Law, University of the Free State, 2015)
      English: Since the introduction of the limited liability company (LLC) in the United States of America, various states have recognised the need to experiment with ways of improving the limited ...
    • Sexual harassment in the education sector 

      Smit, D.; Du Plessis, V. (Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), 2011)
      No abstract available
    • Some manifestations of the statutory recognition of a partnership as an entity 

      Henning, J. J. (Faculty of Law, University of the Free State, 2014)
      English: The general rule in South African law is that a partnership has no existence in itself distinct from the partners of which it is composed. A brief analysis of South African legislation, however, reveals a ...
    • Tax laws harmonisation between Lesotho and the Republic of South Africa 

      Thabane, K. S.; Dednam, M. J. (Faculty of Law, University of the Free State, 2001-12)
      English: Lesotho is geographically landlocked within the Republic of South Africa. Research has been done at border gates whereat Basotho shoppers are able to claim and gain reimbursement of the value-added tax amounts ...
    • To suspend or not to suspend 

      Conradie, Maralize; Deacon, Jaco (Faculty of Law, University of the Free State, 2009-06)
      English: For many employers, the suspension of an employee literally amounts to a headache. The question which usually comes to mind is: What do I have to do before I can suspend an employee? This article investigates the ...
    • Trade in services: examples for SADC 

      Lehloenya, P. M. (Faculty of Law, University of the Free State, 2003)
      English: Over the last few decades, the services sector has become an important component of world trade and the main income earner for many countries. Accelerated by the process of liberalisation, the effects of trade in ...
    • Trade mark parody in South Africa - the last laugh! 

      Deacon, J.; Govender, I. (Faculty of Law, University of the Free State, 2007-12)
      English: This article endeavours to find the balance (if any) in South African law between the rights of trade mark owners from infringement of their trade marks, and the constitutional right to free expression (with ...
    • “Vicarious” liability of the employer in sexual harassment cases: A comparative study 

      Smit, D. M.; Viviers, D. J. (LAR, 2016-02-17)
      including in South Africa. Consequently, the country’s courts have looked to protect employees by attaching obligations to employers that could render them liable when their employees are sexually harassed in the workplace. ...
    • Virtual bullying in employment 

      Smit, D. M. (Faculty of Law, University of the Free State, 2014)
      English: The world of work has certainly benefitted much from the revolution in information communications technology and the wave of digitisation of the 21st century - e-mail, websites and virtual marketing platforms ...