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    • The isolation of gamma-linolenic acid producing mucoralean fungi 

      Strauss, Tersia (University of the Free State, 1997-11)
      English: Members of Mucorales are known to produce the high value fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid [18:3(ω6)]. Although few studies have been conducted, it is known that the type of carbon source included in the medium, ...
    • An isolation procedure for arachidonic acid producing mucoralean fungi 

      Paul, Ida (University of the Free State, 1999-11)
      English: Soil plates with malt extract agar and an incubation temperature of 5°C were used to selectively isolate representatives of the genus MorfierelIa from Alti Mountain Grassland soil. Fungi in the soil sample able ...
    • Mucoralean fungi present in soil from arid regions in South Africa 

      Seabi, Buti Oscar (University of the Free State, 1999-11)
      English: The aim of the first part of the study was to investigate the ecological niche of mucoralean fungi in arid soil, with specific reference to the position these fungi occupy in the biogeochemical cycle of nitrogen. ...